Effect of Cytotoxic Drug (Doxorubicin) on Cardiovascular system in patients with breast cancer in Najaf


This study was carried out to investigate the effect of cytotoxic drug (Doxorubicin) on cardiac toxicity and on haemodynamic variables during the course of treatment of patient with breast cancer with no history of cardiac diseases using totally non-invasive techniques i.e Echocardiography for the estimation of left ventricular ejection fraction [LVEF], fraction shortening [FS] and stroke volume [SV].Mercury sphygmomanometer for measuring of blood pressure and electrocardiography for the measurement of heart rate [HR] also for the evaluation of patient cardiac status. 39 patients were divided into two ages groups group Ι with ages range from 29-44 years and age group Π with ages range from 45-60years. In each group the doses of Doxorubicin (60 mg/m2) were increased every 21 days. The results of this study indicate that in both age groups there was a significant decrease in LVEF, FS, SV and CO due to an adverse effect of cytotoxic drug (Doxorubicin) on cardiac muscle with subsequent treatment with this drug. Concerning the comparison of the effect of Doxorubicin on both age groups. The results indicate that SV and CO were significantly lowered in the older age group Π than in the younger age group Ι.