Correlation between BCL2 protein expression and clinicopathological parameters of colorectal carcinoma


This study was conducted to estimate the expression of BCL2 oncoprotein in human colorectal carcinoma and to show its possible correlation to the clinic-pathological parameters. 50 patients of colorectal carcinoma studied in Diwania teaching hospital , out of 50 cases there were only 14 cases positive for bcl2 expression, (10%) of them with strong positive staining pattern, (12%) of them with moderate positive and (6%) with weak positive. Grade I showed (66.7) strong positive staining pattern, while Grade III showed (100%) weak positive staining pattern, also this study showed high expression of BCL2 in stage A,B than stage C,D which were with negative result. Aim of the studyThe aim of our study was to estimate possible correlations between the Bcl-2 expression and some clinicopathological parameters in colorectal carcinoma