Numerical Prediction of Free Convection Phenomena Througha Rectangular Inclined Cavity Filled with a Porous Media.


1.Abstract:Numerical simulation of free convection air flow through a porous media in an inclined rectangular cavity is studied.Physical problem consists of a rectangular inclined cavity filled with a porous media.The top and bottom surfaces are thermally insulated while the left and right walls are maintained at isothermal hot and cold temperatures respectively.The two-dimensional flow is characterized using Under-Relaxation finite difference scheme.It is found that the two-dimensional flow is characterized by the vortices that are initiated by the existance of buoyancy effect.The problem considered deals with a two-dimensional internal, laminer , isothermal flow in an inclined rectangular porous cavity. In this work, the Darcy model is used and the governing equations are solved using Under-Relaxation explicit technique for flow characterstics of Prandtl number at 0.7 , an aspect ratio equals to 1.5, Rayleigh number ranging 50 and 100, and inclination angles of 30o , 50o and 90o respectively.The results explain that the flow field is dominated by one cell rotating in a clockwise direction and filling the cavity. Also,the variation of the average Nusselt number with inclination angles is also presented.The results showed a good agreement with other published results.