Microsoft Message Queue Technique for Distributed Inter Net Architecture (DNA) Models


The Distributor interNetwork Architecture (DNA) strategy is an efficient road map that gave the developer sufficient degree of freedom to choose the most suitable methods and tools in order to build distributed application. One of the important DNA models that could be designed is based on the Microsoft Message Queue Technology. The MSMQ works efficiently with the huge amount of data that could be processed asynchronously and also it protects the communication channel from the bottleneck that could occur. The MSMQ works in the middle tier of the DNA model. It built a queue builds which will accept data from one side and keep it until the receiving side requests it. The byte stream of sending data is divided into frames. Each frame consists of many fields; the first field will be used to identify the required process (adding record, deleting record, modifying record, and query record). The paper introduces an adaptive DNA model, with main tier of the Microsoft Message Queue technique.


DNA Models