Divine Justice Between God and Passionate Human Beings


Justice is the thing that man looks for in his life when wrong deeds are done and waste one's rights. To achieve justice, we are in need of some power that can control itself and never let feelings or something else affect its judgment as usually humans do .Humans can not be the power to execute justice in its perfection because they allow their personal feelings and emotions to have some influence on the judgment they are to take or execute ,and thus they will undergo the pressure of being humans with feelings and passion. So what is the power that can judge in the right way and then execute the judgment perfectly? God only can do it. God can never be affected by any feelings or passions in deciding justice and executing it because if He does ,He will become like humans which is something impossible to take place ever. God's decisions and judgments are so far away from any influence of any kind. However , God may use humans to be His weapon and device of executing His decisions .In this case, He chooses someone to be the weapon just to punish the wrong doer. This chosen person can be the wrong doer himself and thus he became the one who did the wrong thing and he is the one who will punish him as God decided that for him. This study examines the relationship between divine and human anger. The study discusses plays that feature explicitly divine or explicitly human acts of wrath. It engages two complicated amalgamations: human anger mediated through divine wrath and divine wrath conveyed through human agents.


Divine Justice