Management Database System Using the Cell Phone


The database systems are considered as one of the basic elements of modern programming which are the results of decades of development and diligent search. Historically, these systems are among the oldest systems of service that have been developed, so it is a paved road for many of the techniques in the design of systems in order to increase usability, development and credibility in using them in other environments. Although many of the algorithms used in data management systems are material for systematic texts there is little coverage of opinions of design systems that make the data systems work. This research submits an application to the database system and manage by using mobile to control the database system for a school, for example, but this is not limited to the example we chosen but to implement this program in all areas. It was noticed during conducting this research ,the ease and speed with which the operations of the system were carried out by using mobile-handled devices that are compatible with Windows . This research was carried out by using ….


Database System