Aspects of the Hero in War Poetry between Art and Idealism


Heroes had a distinguished place in the poetry of the Days of the Arabs in their roles as leaders of armies who achieved victories that secured fame to their tribes. It is natural, therefore, that this poetry is to be preoccupied with the idea of heroism as the bases of all human actions, visions and notions. This study concentrates on the realistic image of the hero its social connections and its formation in the context of poetic art. The study shows that this poetry has endowed the hero with idealistic attributes. The perfection these heroes show is due to the actual presence of the poets in the battles which helped them to render all the details of the heroic action accurately especially in panegyric poetry. The study falls into two sections: aesthetic and thematic. It deals with the subjects of praise, panegyrics, and elegy in relation to the heroic character. The study shows also the mythical coloring of the character of the hero in each of these poetic subjects.The nature of the artistic image in the poetry of the Days of the Arabs imposed two basic directions on the this study of the hero. The first is realistic due to the historical actuality of the man as a hero. The second is aesthetic which is related to the exaggeration in the glorification of the heroic action to a legendary extent. This resulted in a heroic heritage that chronicles the feats of the Arabic man as knight and poet whose arena is both the battlefield and the circles of creativity.


War Poetry