Effect of Doping With (Methylene Blue and Methyl Red) On Optical Properties of Polymethyl Methaete (PMMA)


Pure polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) films doped with mehyleneblue (mb) una *.tr,yi ."J trrO with iifferent concentration were preparedsuccessfully .The opiical band gap (EJ of pure PMMA was found (a'765eV)for direcr transirion ,-i;;t;;r 6;nd tlo d..r.ut. in irregular manner of ( mb)doped samples, while ( E* ) declared a systematic decreasing of (mr) dopedsamples . The extended o?iuit states (E") in the gap was found to change incontrast sequence to that of optical "n"tqVgap-' The 1a11tionof (E* )and(E" ) were explained in rerms of abiorbance variation with dopantconcentrations '