Synthesis and Characterization Of Poly( Eugenolyl Acrylate ) and Poly ( P- Styrene Eugenolyl Sulfonate ) and Study of Their Controlled Release Behavior


In this paper many types of drug polymers wereprepared .Poly(4-eugenolyl styrene sulfonate) N2 wasprepared from reaction of poly(4-styrene sulfonyl chloride) N1with Eugenol and poly(Eugenolyl acrylate) N5 was alsoprepared from reaction of polyacryloylchloride N4 withEugenol.The prepared polymers were characterized andidentified by IR,UV-spectroscopy .The physical properties andthe intrinsic viscosity were measured .The drug releasing wasstudied with different PH media. Eugenol has the ability torelieve pain of irritated or diseased tooth .