Optimal Estimation of Critical Angle for the Wind Power (Energy) to Generate High Electrical Power in Baghdad City


The wind energy is regarded one of the important renewedenergies invested by man from ancient time to execute some of hisworks and he is still challenging and continuing in finding the besttechniques to exploit as much as he could and consider them a newsource for the renewed energy to meet his requirements. The aimof the research is to estimate the usability of the wind energy to gethigh efficient of electrical power in Baghdad city through theanalyzing the impact of some explanative variables ( MeanTemp. , High Temperatures , Time of High TemperaturesRegistration , Low Temperatures , Time of Low TemperaturesRegistration , Heat Degree Days , Cool Degree Days , Rain ,Average Wind Speed , High Wind Speed , and Time of High Wind Speed Registration ) on the function of Dom. Dir. in thestudied area in period ( 1/1/2009 – 31/12/2009 ) throughtransforming in angler form on the circumference of thepresumptive circle starting with zero degree in front of the northpole with a clockwise to enabling of applied the Model ofpredicting optimal critical angle estimate/or obtaining the bestelectrical power through using the Multiple Linear RegressionModel , which is for the first time as far ( as we know ). Somerecommendations and suggestions were given.