Indoor Radon Measurements in the Dwellings and Multistory Buildings of Basrah Technical Institute (Iraq)


In this study the measurement of radon concentration was carried out in the dwellings and multistory buildings in the campus of Basrah Technical Institute (Basrah-Iraq) by using solid state nuclear track detectors. Measurements were made in 50 dwellings and 6 Multistory buildings in the campus of Basrah technical institute. The polymer track detector LR-115 type II is the solid state nuclear track detector was used to measure the radon concentrations inside the rooms in the winter season. The indoor radon concentrations in the rooms of dwellings and buildings which have been measured are ranging from (13.532) Bq/m3 to (51.176) Bq/m3. The variation of radon concentration with height of the floor is also discussed. The observed concentrations of radon inside the rooms of dwellings and buildings of the campus are lower than the maximum allowed value 200 Bq/m3 which recommended by International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), therefore all measured radon concentrations are within the safety limits.