Cole- Cole Diagrams of GexS1-x Thin Films


The germanium sulfide GexS1-xthin films with different germanium concentration (0.1 0.2,and0.3) weight %have been prepared by thermal evaporation under vacuum of (10 -5 Toor) with thickness (0.15µm ) at room and annealed at( 373and 423K). Measurements of The dielectric properties are carried out over frequency range (102-107 Hz) for all the prepared films .It was found that all samples displayed dielectric dispersion thus the curves log ε1 versus log w, log ε2 versus log w gave direct evidence of the existence of Debye-type relaxation have a wide distribution of relaxation times. The results show that distribution parameters (α ) decreases while microscopic relaxation time (τ0 )increases with the increasing of germanium content and temperature of thermal treatment . The dielectric constant ε1 decreases sharply with the increasing of germanium content in the prepared GexS1-x films .