Modification of Polyvinylpyrrolidinon With 4-Aminoantipyrine As Drug Polymer


In this work a new drug polymer was prepared from reaction of PVP with 4-aminoantipyrine as antibiotic in 10:1 dioxane :DMF solvent mixture. The prepared drug polymer was formed with 72% conversion percentage. The physical properties were studied and intrinsic viscosity was equal to 0.83 dl/g. The drug polymer was characterized by FTIR and UV. Spectroscopy. The swelling % were studied in different non solvents. The C,H,N analysis and T.G were analyzed. The controlled release rates for drug polymer were studied in different pH value at 30C0 for 4days. The softening point of the prepared 4-aminoantipyrine drug polymer was 212-220 C0.