Structural characterization of nanocrystattine PbS thin films


Chemical bath deposition method was used to prepared PbSnanocrystalline thin films. lrad acetate and lead nitrate were used as asources of lead ions Pb2* in solution and thiuoria as a source to sulfurions 52- . PbS thin films have been deposited at room temperature and335K with different lead ions source molarity (0.05,0.1 and 0.15M).Study the struchre properties of prepared thin films by X-raydiffraction shows that all films were polycrystalline and possessedcubic skucture. Optical energy gaps of films were calculated dependingon the effective mass models and found that the optical energy gapincreased with decreasing in size of cryntal and the values werc inrange(0.62- 1.29)eV.