Preparation of [N-Phenolic AcrylamideJ Formaldehyde Resins


In this work, many types of N-Phenolic acrylamide polymerswere prepared, from reaction of para.ortho and meta phenol amines orwith secondary phenolamines with poly acrylic acid .the modificationof poly acrylicacid to N-phenolic acrylamide polymers then curring thethermoplastic polymers with formaldehyde to converted them to highthermal resistance crosslinked polymers and higher mechanicalproperties. This is a new method which converted the linier polyacrylicacid to poly[N-phenol acrylamide] then converted to phenolformaldehyde resins with high thermally stable which improving themolding and curring the prepared linier poly acrylamide to theircorresponding phenolic resins.The all prepared linier and crosslinked polymers were characteizedand tested by infrared spectroscopy, thermogravimetric and mechanicalprope(ies. Therefore it was concluded that the phenolic resins could bepossibly used as insulation material and for other industriesapplications.