Images Enhancement Using Fuzzy Median-Average Filter


The aim of this paper is to enhancement the digital noisy image by using proposed fuzzy filter depending on two known filters: median and average filters which are spatial domain techniques. The proposed using filter fuzzy logic to determine which filter (median or average ) is best for each window NxN from image by compute divergent of the local element in the window NxN from image which center at (x,y) and compute the absolute of the difference between the results of the median and average filter for the same window which are represent the inputs to the fuzzy system and stored in point (x,y) for enhanced image. To insurances the effectiveness of the proposed fuzzy filter,it is tested on aset of grayscale and RGB images and for two noises, then compared its results with the results of median and average filters. The results are validated and the fuzzy filter gives best results from other filters for both type of images and the two types of noises.