Isolation and Identification of fungi associated with Conocarpus lancifolius Engl. and testing the pathogenicity of some of them


During the study of the mycobiota associated with Conocarpus lancifolius from 167 samples were taken from different locations at Basrah governorate, 26 species identified , belonging to16 genera and one sterile mycelium. The majority of fungi were signed to Deutromycotina 73.07% followed by Zygomycotina and Ascomycotina 11.5% for each one,with three species for each one belonginig to 2 and 3 genera respectivily. The most common genus recorded was Aspergillus 100% and the last in occurrence was sterile mycelium(2.3%). The pathogenicity was tested for three species Alternaria tenuissima ,Cladosporium herbarum and Ulocladium chartarum on C.lancifolius ,the clear symptoms on C.lancifolius for all species were conspicuously obserrved. The activity of three fungicides Elsa, Glazer and Vacomil MZ-72 were laboratorly tested against the three pathogenic fungi .Vacomil MZ-72 recorded a high significant inhibition for the three pathogenic growth in a percent of 70.02% .