New Replica Selection Technique for Binding Replica Sites in Data Grids


The objective in Data Grids is to reduce access andfile (replica) transfer latencies, as well as to avoid single sitecongestion by the numerous requesters. To facilitate access andtransfer of the data, the files of the Data Grid are distributedacross the multiple sites. The effectiveness of a replicaselection strategy in data grids depends on its ability to servethe requirement posed by the users' jobs. Most jobs arerequired to be executed at a specific execution time. To achievethe QoS perceived by the users, response time metrics shouldtake into account a replica selection strategy. Total executiontime needs to factor latencies due to network transfer rates andlatencies due to search and location. Network resources affectthe speed of moving the required data and searching methodscan reduce scope for replica selection. This paper presents areplica selection strategy that adapts its criteria dynamically soas to best approximate application providers’ and clients’requirements. We introduce a new selection technique (EST)that shows improved performance over the more commonalgorithms