رئيس الجمهورية في العراق رئيس في نظام برلماني أم رئاسي؟


Anew Iraq constitution ( inter in force in 2005) had been a adopted bicameral system , & this facts due to raise a mark question , if this system meaning a necessary in Iraq or as support for federalism ?We review all opinions , the correct one is to be necessary , but if build on force on qualifications only ,as the real of construction of this council depend on ethical & racial fundamentals .The bicameral system in Iraq had been consist on tow council , the first one is deputies council & the onther is federal council.The first one consist on as one member per 100,000 Iraqi citizens , while the enther still unknown according to present constitutions, the deputies council had full authority to set- up by law the federal council.We lave anote in this facts , its had better if Iraqi constitution mention the wider lines of federal council so as to avoid any conflicts may will appear in fut