In this study 15 rabbits were divided into three groups ,each group contain five rabbit were submitted to surgical section in the skin layer 3-5 cm long after anasethesia and cleaning the part from the hair by sheaving . The surgical section was made by scable and then the wound sutured by silk band 2.5 cm and then administrated the dexamethasone 1 mg / Kg body weight of animals of second and third grougs of this study . After that the skin spicemen were taken for histopathological sections to preperd slid. The first group was considered as control with no administrated of dexamthasone , the second group treated as 1 mg / Kg body weight dexamthasone and sections were taken after 7th days , the third group were also treated with dexamthasone at the 1 mg /Kg and the skin sample were taken after 14 th days. The present study it was found that dexamthasone have no effect on the wound healing after 7th days or 14th days but the collagenization , epithelization and fibroblast content were less in the dexamthasone group compered with control group . The vasicularity and the degree of inflammatory cells were more intense in the dexamthasone group compared with control group.