In vitro Cytotoxicity Activity of Punica granatum Rind Extract Against RD Cell Line


Cancer is the major public difficulty and one of the top causes of death in the prosperous countries. Conventional plants are precious source of novel cytotoxic agents and are still in performance playing a better role in health concern. The study was intended to estimation of the anti cancer activity of aqueous extract of punica granatium on Rhabdomyo sarcoma (RD) cell line. The rind punica granatum aqueous extract was tested for its inhibitory effect in 96 micro plate formats against RD cell line. The cytotoxicity of Punica granatum on RD cell was evaluated. Dose response curve constructed the ranges between 100 µg/ml to 10 µg/ml for Punica granatum, while the inhibition values was on RD cell ranges were between 59-66% at different exposure periods.


Punica granatum, RD