Distribution of alkaline and acid phosphatases in the duodenal wall of native sheep by using different fixatives


Ten duodeni of adult ram were fixed in chilled acetone, 80% ethyl alcohol, formol- alcohol solution, alcoholic bouins solution and neutral buffered formalin solution. The distribution of alkaline and acid phosphatases were similar in their location but different in their intensity and distribution according to different fixative The distribution of alkaline phosphatase in absorptive columnar cell was more intense than in goblet cells, whereas the concentration of acid phosphatase was more intense in goblet cells than in absorptive cells in the mucosa of sheep duodenum. The study revealed that the samples was fixed with chilled acetone gave highest reaction for alkaline and acid phosphatases than other fixative samples. No reaction for alkaline phosphatase include the lower parts of intestinal glands, paneth cells and sub mucosal glands in different fixative ,whereas, paneth cells and sub mucosal glands revealed wreaked reaction for acid phosphatase in samples fixed in 80% ethyl alcohol and chilled acetone respectively in duodenum of native sheep.