Influence of pesticides on antagonistic activity of Trichoderma harzianum (Rifai) agansit Rhizoctonia solani (Kuhu) in laboratory


The effects of insect and acaricides (Match, Vertimic) , insecticide (Actara) and fungicide(Ridomil) in growth and antagonistic activity were evaluated for Trichoderma harzianum agansit Rhizoctonia solani . The results showed that the Match was the most effective in inhibition the growth of R.solani as the inhibition percentage reaches 72.1% compared with 0% in media amended with Actara and Vertimic .It is also showed that Match recorded a high effect to inhibit the growth of biological fungi T.harzianum . On the other hand Matchshowed high inhibitory action in antagonistic activity of T.harzianum compared with Ridomil , Actara and Vertimic .