Synthesis and characterization of Phenyl bis- hydrazone complexes with Pd (II), Mn (II), Ni (II) and Fe(III) ions.


A new ligand of phenyl bis-hydrazone (V) was been synthesized as a result of a reaction between phenyl-isatin hydrazone and salicyladehyde. The yellow crystals of (V) was been studied using IR, 1H.n.m.r 13C-n.m.r, UV-Vis spectrum and molar conductivity measurements. The complexes of Palladium (II), Nickel (II), Manganese (II) and Iron (III) with phenyl bis-hydrazone have been synthesized and characterized on based on molar conductivity, magnetic susceptibility data, UV-Vis and IR spectral studies. The spectral data referred to that the ligand acts as monobasis tridentate, coordinating through phenolate oxygen, azomethine nitrogen, and carbonyl oxygen of isatin moiety. On the basis on the above results an octahedral geometry has been proposed for the mentioned complexes.