Polycondensation ofAcidanhydrides with Aspargenyl Imide Diamine and Curing with Styrene as Smart Polymers


AbstractIn this paper some new condensed polymers were synthesized from reacting of unsaturated acid anhydride such as maleic or methylnadicanhydrides, with N-aspargenyl imide diamine, which was prepared from reacting of aspargenyl chloride with ammonia. The new condensed polymers were cured with styrene and the cross linked polymers were obtained with high percent conversion. The physical properties of these polymer were measured . The monomers and the corresponding polymers were characterized by FT-IR and UV. spectroscopy. The intrinsic viscosity was calculated and swelling% was studied for the prepared cross linked polymers.The inserted aspargen as amino acid could enhance the biodegradability properties, and the prepared polymers can be used as biomaterial in different applications, such as smart polymers due to their sensitivity to pH change.