Study on Association Between o-methoxy-benzylidene-p-aminoaniline with phenols


Abstract The interactions of o-methoxy-benzylidene-p-aminoaniline (MBAA) with phenol, p-methoxyphenol ,and p-chlorophenol in n-hexane are studied by using UV spectroscopy . The study led to the formation of hydrogen bond species of types O – H∙∙∙∙∙O and O – H ∙∙∙∙∙ N between MBAA with phenol and p-methoxyphenol . The last is appeared from the UV spectra record of MBAA with phenols stated at relative concentrations ratio of phenol / MBAA and p-methoxy phenol / MBAA of values 4/1 and 4/1 respectively. Similar result is obtained on using p-chlorophenol at relative concentration ratio of p-chlorophenol / MBAA of a value 4/1 , with additional appearance of two UV protonated bands at a wavelengths of 463 nm and 474 mm . them . The equilibrium constants for hydrogen bond formations of MBAA with phenols stated are included . The interactions of systems under study are confirmed by thermodynamic method . These show that and have a negative signs , as well as their values which support hydrogen bondings . Moreover , the processes of non spontaneous hydrogen bonding as observed and evident from the positive values of are included . These final abnormal results are unexpected and discussed in details .