Cytotoxicity and Antibacterial Effect of 2-(2-hydroxy naphthylazo) phenyl mercuric chloride and 4-(2-hydroxy naphthylazo) phenyl mercuric chloride against some bacterial isolates in vitro


The 2-(2-hydroxynaphthylazo) phenyl mercuric chloride and 4-(2-hydroxynaphthylazo) phenyl mercuric chloride were evaluated for their biological activity against standard strains of Staphylococcus aureus ATCC25923 and Ecsherichia coli ATCC 25922. The results showed that there is a potent antibacterial activity for these compounds. Minimal inhibitory concentration was determined for two compounds, it was 20µg/ml, 40µg/ml for Staph. aureus, and 50µg/ml, 60µg/m for E. coli respectively. Cytotoxicity assay was carried out against human red blood corpuscles, the two compounds exhibited a toxic effect in all used concentrations.