Study of Annealing, Hardening and Tempering on Hardness


In this study, the effects of heat treatments annealing ,hardening and tempering on the microstructure and hardness of Mn-Fe Alloy were investigated. The Mn-Fe alloy samples were annealed at 900◦C for 20 min then cooling inside furnace and hardened treatment at 900◦C for 20 min with cooling by water, oil, and salts solution. The specimens were subsequently tempered at temperatures of 100 oC, 290 oC, 350 oC and 500oC. The microstructures, and hardness properties of these samples were analyzed and compared with samples without treatment. The microscopic examinations showed that difference in grains size for samples before and after heat treatments. The result showed that tempering of Mn-Fe Alloy samples (0.3%C) significantly exhibited better hardness as compared with that of Mn-Fe alloy without treatments .