Calculation of Some Electrical Properties of Poly Vinyl Alcohol Grafted with Eosin Dye (PVA-g-Ei)


The electrical conducting mechanism of newly synthesized polymer by condensation polymerization, poly vinyl alcohol grafted with Eosin dye (PVA-g-Ei) have been investigated. Electrical measurements including (current-voltage) and (conductivity-Temperature) characteristics at a range of temperature (313-368)K .The result shows that the sample has semiconductor behavior as its conductivity increases with the increasing temperature and the value of dark conductivity at R.T estimated from Ohmic region was about 1.04x10-13S/cm .The energy required to move electrons from valance band to conduction band can be estimated which about 0.52eV.The deviation from Ohmic law has been analyzed in terms of variable range hopping (VRH) conduction theories. Thermal properties were also studied to estimate the bipolar contribution to thermal conductivity of polymer.