Comparative topographical histologic study of the skin of native cattle


Six circular samples of a known diameter were taken from each of the different regions of the skin of the native cattle. Three samples of each region were fixed in neutral buffered formalin whereas, the other three samples were fixed in alcoholic boin´s fluid. All samples showed shrinkage in the surface area particularly after paraffin infiltration and embedding. The final shrinkage percentage were noticed to be relatively higher in sample fixed in boin´s fluid than those fixed in neutral buffered formalin .Accordingly, the correction factors for samples fixed in boin´s fluid were calculated to be 0.810 for tail region, 0.787 for scrotal region, 0.783 for frontal region 0.780 for back region and o.766 for abdominal region, whereas the correcting factors of samples fixed in boin´s solution were found to be 0.799 for tail region, 0.777 for scrotal region, 0.769 for frontal region, 0.768 for back region and 0.753 for the abdominal region. With the application of the above mentioned correcting factors the actual hair density at living condition were adjusted to be 18.48/mm2 for tail region, 14.07/mm2 for scrotal region, 11.72/mm2 for frontal region, 10.72/mm2 for back region and 9.16/ mm2 for abdominal region.