Study of Vapour Bubble Dynamics Using a Modified Keller-Kolodner Model


Using linear wave equation and Keller-Kolodner method, a new equation is derived for an oscillation of a bubble in an incident sound field. It includes the effects of acoustic radiation, the effects of viscosity, surface tension, compressibility of the liquid, and evaporation and condensation at bubble wall. Where, the liquid temperature at bubble wall is assumed to be constant and that the gas inside the bubble is only vapour.The classical approach to the analysis of the pulsations of a gas bubble is to assume that the pressure within the bubble follows a polytropic relation. In this study, a new formulation of the dynamics of a bubble is presented in which the internal pressure is obtained numerically.Numerical results for vapour bubble in water are presented. A good agreement is found between the theoretical result and the experimental data of the bubble radius. The new equation of the bubble radius can be used to study the bubble oscillation in acoustic fields.