The Situation of Time Management at Palestinian Universities: A Study of staff Opinions at Universities in Gaza


This study aims to evaluate reliability of time management of staff at Palestinian Universities, throughout designing questionnaire and measuring time management level. The population of the study consisted of high level managerial staff at Palestinian Universities who are working in Gaza strip traditional universities such as: Islamic, Al-Azhar, and Al - Aqsa Universities. The population was about (306) employees and the stratified sample was (126) which represented (41%) of main population. The research instruments are personal information. The evaluation of high level consisted of three parts, personal information, the evaluation of high level management toward the important of time, and time wasters. To analyze the data of the study, frequencies percentages, means, one sample T test, T- test, and correlation, and one way analysis of variance were used. The level of significance was set at 0.05. The result of the study showed that reliability of time management level exists between medium and high level for all study fields. The result of the study indicated the high level managerial staff at Palestinian universities care of time. The researcher recommended that the university management to should identify the importance of time, because it plays a vital role, and also increasing awareness toward time management concept as to be part and parcel from organizing culture, the researcher recommended also decreasing personal visits.