Study of an Acoustic Bubble Oscillation in Oil Using Linear Wave Equation


This paper presents a mainly theoretical study of the behavior of a bubble in oil in a sound field. An equation for the radial motion, including the effect of the liquid compressibility is presented. The diffusion of gas, and evaporation and condensation at bubble wall are neglected. By using values of the initial bubble radius, the ratio of oscillating pressure amplitude to the static pressure in the liquid, and the angular frequency of the pressure variations, the effects of the viscosity of the liquid on the bubble oscillation are clarified.From the results, the effect of viscosity, a fairly large difference in the waveform of the oscillation is found. The calculations for the bubble oscillation in water are carried out and they are compared with that in oil. It has been clarified that the oscillating bubbles in oil are hard to collapse in comparison with that in water.