Zinc, Copper, and Superoxide Dismutase in Spermatozoa of Patients with Asethenospermia


objective:To determine the level of Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Zinc and Copper inthe seminal and spermatozoal of patients with asthenospermia.Setting: All semen samples were collected in the infertility unit of the laboratory (inAmel clinic for detection and treatment of infertility/Iraq. Hilla city) after a 3-5 day period ofsexual abstinence, then incubated at 37°C and analyzed within 1 h.Methods:The study was conducted on 30 patients and compared to 20 controls. Statisticalanalysis between group 1 (controls) and group 2 (patients) was performed by the student's t -test. Zinc and copper content was assayed by atomically spectrophotography,SOD enzyme wasmeasured by biochemical assay. This work was undertaken to assess oxidative stress andantioxidant.Results: It was observed that there was a significant increase in seminal and spermatozoalsuperoxide dismutase activity and copper content. While Zinc were significantly decreased.Conclusions :The results of this study suggest higher oxygen-free radicalproduction, evidenced by increased superoxide dismutase activities, support to theoxidative stress in asthenospermia. The increased activities of antioxidant enzyme may be acompensatory regulation in response to increased oxidative stress.Keywords:Zinc,Copper,Superoxide dismutase(SOD),Human sperm