A Study of Immunological and Clinical Effects of Alslergen Immunotherapy on Asthmatic Patients in Babylon Province


background: Allergen immunotherapy has important benefits on asthmaticpatients by reducing symptoms and medication use and it can be used as analternative treatment.Objectives: This study aimed to assess the effects of allergen immunotherapy (AI) onasthmatic patients of Babylon Province.Materials and methods: The study was performed on 35 asthmatic patients asimmunotherapy group who received allergen immunotherapy and 15 asthmaticpatients as control group who remained on pharmacotherapy, the patients wereassessed by measurement of peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), total immunoglobulinE (IgE) and immunoglobulin G (IgG) symptoms and medication use score at 0 time, 3months, and 6 months.Results: The study showed that 30-40 years age group population were more affectedwith asthma (44%) and then the incidence decreased with increasing age. Femalesmight be more affected than males (60% compared to 40%).There were significantincrease in the mean levels of PEFR and total IgG and significant increase in themean levels of total IgE. In addition, the study revealed larger reduction in symptomsand medications use score in immunotherapy group in comparison to control group.Conclusion: AI should be used in allergic asthma as one of the modalities oftreatment because it can reduce the symptoms and medications use by changing thebasic mechanism of asthma.