Tendency The Role of Poetry in Originating the Values of Humanistic Humanistic


Starting from defining humanistic tendency as sentimental and emotional communion with society, and as man's suffering and ambitions, the research aims at showing the values in Andalusian poetic intentions, and how they emerge in the Andalusian society. The humanistic tendency is so noble and is so important to society. Therefore, poets insist on its existence. The poet will not be inspired by the humanistic experience of the poem unless it is a personal experiment fused with the soul squeezing the heart to show its implications and reveal the poet's personal suffering. This emotional framework predicts that, first of all, poetry is a personal ingenuity. The first specimen is the Andalusian society, and from modern times the poet, Elia Abu Madhi is a second specimen. The latter is the founder of this tendency who strongly believes in it