Psychological stress Correlation between Each on the achievement motivation and Self- efficacy on the women worker


In this stucly we try to know the relationship between the psychological stress and each of achievement motivation , self – efficacy on the women worker . The Sample was choose randemally , which is consisted of ( 120 ) women worker in the Governmental circles since ( 2007 - 2008) . Three scales were used in this study Theres one : psycholoyical stress scale Achievement Motivation scale , and self- Efficacy scale .usingappropriate statiscal treatment involving t-test , relative weight (percentage),correlation-coefficients. The result of this study indicate that:-The women worker are affected by life stress accures and The most commened was the asoaal stress .-The level ofself - efficacy was ( 66 , 7 % ) while the level of (achievement motivation) among them ( 61 , 3 % )-There are negative refiex relation Between the psyohological stress and Each of achievement Motivation and Self – efficacy .