Calendar (integrated systems) in the light of its relationship with (teacher preparation program), from the point of view of (faculty) (Faculty of Education


This paper aims at evaluating the integrated system in relation with teachers' training programme adopted at the College of Education-University of Basrah. The paper attempts to show the merits and demerits of this system as well. Also, the statistical significance in relation to some variables is studied. These variables include: department classification, sex and specialty. From the whole population (teaching staff at the College of Education) the sample of the study is chosen randomly. The sample is 164 of the whole population which represents 53.98%. 124 are males and 40 are females. The researchers have adopted the questionnaire as their data collection device. It includes 26 items. After insuring its validity and reliability it is applied to the sample of the study. The correlation coefficient is 0.948 after using the two split technique. The paper has arrived at the following results:The majority of the sample agree that the integrated system does not activate the teachers' training programme as a whole and it does not provide any effective support. The system has merits and demerits and they are divided equally. There are significant differences concerning the effectiveness of the system according to the department variable and in favour of the humanities departments. Whereas there are no significant differences according to the sex and specialty variables. The paper present some suggestions and recommendations