Geographic Analysis of the Problem of Desertification in Alzubeir District


The geographical phenomenon of desertification needs a deep field study. In spite of the recency of the term 'desertification,' the latter is an old and worldwide problem since man began to exploit land. This phenomenon has occupied the minds of researchers because of its seriousness in the life of people. It needs to be tackled fast in order to create a balanced environment for the prosperity of people and for ensuring food security. Therefore, the research studies the geographic distribution of desertification in Alzubeir district, analyzes its negative effects and shows how to limit and minimize it. Alzubeir district is subject to desertification because it lies at the southern east side of the Western Plateau, which is known for its severe climate and desert land, while the eastern and the northern eastern remaining part of the district area lies alongside of the marshes, not to mention man's unfair dealing with environment. The research ends with appropriate solutions and recommendation