Visual teaching aids Paintings, sculptures, graphics and their importance in the field of education learning


The concept of teaching aids, implying not what he meant in the past, where this means understood as a means of helping teachers and students at the same time, to understand and accommodate the different subjects, then the evolution of this concept at the present time, especially after the world has witnessed the revolution of knowledge in various areas of human knowledge, which was accompanied by the emergence of new terms, expresses the same goal, such as: The term technological education, or technology education, where he became the means of education, with an integrated system, aimed at the success of the educational process, and then spread this means They exceeded the limits of education, to include other areas: such as management, and systems theory, science library, and other teaching aids and became occupies a sensitive technology education. The results of research conducted in this regard, that the learned concepts, and behaviors, and other materials, are more quickly, ahead of video presentations, the results highlight the great impact of the visual materials in the process of teaching and learning. The researcher, after the introduction of the research, and eating some of the definitions and nomenclature of the relationship .. To divide his research into three sections: