Evaluation of Mixed Corrosion Inhibitors in Cooling Water System


The effect of mixed corrosion inhibitors in cooling system was evaluated by using carbon steel specimens and weight loss analysis. The carbon steel specimens which immersed in mixture of sodium phosphate ( Na2HPO4 ) used as corrosion inhibitor and sodium glocunate ( C6 H11 NaO7 ) as scale dispersant at different concentrations (20,40, 60, 80 ppm) and at temperature 25°C for (1-5) days. The corrosion inhibitors efficiency was calculated by using uninhibited and inhibited water to give 98.1%. The result of these investigation indicate that the corrosion rate decrease with increase the corrosion inhibitors concentration at 80 ppm and for 5 days, (i.e. corrosion rate= 0.042 gmd).