The impact of the program guide and protective in reducing violent behavior among university students


Violence behavior Old and began its impact floats in the recent period among young university, especially young Iraqi university, the lack of experience of social and poor awareness resulting from their young age, and faced and continues to face the challenges of past and future resulted in many problems, changed Arab-Islamic culture and led to sense of failure and frustration and fear of the future, making them the subject of exploitation by some individuals and organizations towards violence, did not receive counseling preventive to reduce violent behavior attentively studies indicative in Iraq, and its importance is helping to instill safety and security in the hearts of young people, which enhances the chances of international peace and then will go out people toward reform, and current research what is only in response to the current situation in Iraq. The research aims to find out the impact of preventive counseling program to reduce violence among university students, and reviewed current research theories indicative guidance and methods used in addition to a number of previous studies.Sample consisted of 45 students who received the highest scores on a scale of violence in all Departments in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa in Najaf for the academic year 2005-2006, and to achieve the research objectives built a measure of violent behavior, which are 35-paragraph by Believe content and honesty structural measure The consistency was extracted in two ways, by re-testing the midterm and retail, and building a pilot program included several preventive methods and be of (23) additional hearing to family counseling and lasted for hearings (13) week two sessions per week. This has required research using statistical methods, inter alia, (Pearson, Speer Man, and test Altaúa, chi square, factor analysis), The results showed the existence of significant differences at the level of (0.05) between the average scores of the experimental group and average scores control group for the experimental group This means reduced violent behavior among the students of the experimental group, and this indicates that the program a significant impact in the reduction of violent behavior, the researcher made a set of recommendations and proposals in the light of the results of the search.