Assessment of Abdominal Ultra Sonography (U/S) with Urine Cytology in the Follow up of Bladder Tumor Patients


Background: Cancer of bladder is a common disease characterized by its high recurrence and progression. Objective: To measure the sensitivity of transabdominal U/S in conjunction with urine cytology in follow up of patients with carcinoma of the bladder. Patients and Methods: The study was carried out for total number of 21patients the age of those patients ranged from 40-77 years with mean age of 60 years. All those patients have already been diagnosed as bladder carcinoma through previous cystourethroscop and histopathological results and followed up by transabdominal U/S and urine cytology and then all were examined by cystoscopy. The value of diagnostic test lies in its ability to detect patient with disease (its sensitivity). Result: Twenty (21) patients were examined ultrasonically with urine cytology for 2 times. The following in each patient cystoscopic examination detected that all patients had recurrent tumors, (100% Out of 21) the 42 transabdominal ultrasonic examination, 29 revealed positive results. The sensitivity is 69%).On urine cytology examinations 21examinations were positive. The (sensitivity is 50%). The combination of transabdominal U/S with urine cytology examination increases the (sensitivity up to 78.5%.Conclusion: The combination of transabdominal U/S with urine cytology in diagnosis of recurrent bladder cancer are non-invasive investigations which can be repeated as much as required and used to dictate the need for cystoscopic examination and considered as convenient mode in the follow up patients. In addition, it's easy to perform, cheap and not troublesome to the patients. Because of high sensitivity rate we believe that the combination of transabdominal U/S with urine cytology should be the first choice examinations for selected patients who are suspected of having recurrent bladder cancer.Key Words: Trans Abdominal Ultra Sonography, Urine Cytology, Cysto Urethroscopy