“Cytomegalovirus Seroprevelance in Iraqi Pregnant Women”


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Cytomegalovirus is the commonest cause of congenital viral infection in the developed and developing countries. It is a symptomatic in 90% of infected females. Forty percent of pregnant females transmit the virus to their fetus. Ten percent of born infants whom gain the virus will get the clinical signs plus its neurological sequelae.OBJECTIVE:To outline the relationship between Cytomegalovirus infection among pregnant women and its influence upon their pregnancy outcome.PATIENTS AND METHODS:A case-control study was carried out was carried out in the teaching laboratories – medical city, Baghdad through a period from June 2010 till March 2011; upon 165 pregnant women whom taken as a patient group. Blood samples were taken from them and Cytomegalovirus-IgM antibodies plus Cytomegalovirus-IgG antibodies levels were measured via Elisa technique in both to evaluate the viral infection if present or not.RESULTS:The usual age whom attended the gynea-obestetric clinics were the age group from 11-19 years old 73 cases (44.24%); Next came the age group from 20-29 years old 66 cases (40.00%), thirdly was the age group from 30-39 years old 20 cases (12.12%), Lastly was the age group from 40-49 years old 6 cases (3.64%). The concentration of CMV-IgG among females whom attended clinics were seropositive in nearly half the included cases 66/165 (40.0%); while the CMV-IgM concentration was within the seronegative limits. Secondly came another group of patients with seronegative limits regarding both the CMV-IgM and CMV-IgG antibodies 56/165 cases (33.94%), next 30/165 cases (18.18%) were seropositive in their results pointing to both CMV-IgM and IgG limits; and this might be a middle point distance between the previous group and the last group were the CMV-IgM was positive and the CMV-IgG concentration was negative 13/165 cases (7.88%).CONCLUSION:Cytomegalovirus-IgG antibodies got important role as a protective agent against gestation abortion, if Cytomegalovirus-IgM antibodies are seropositive alone this is a risky factor to the pregnancy outcome