The Effect of Formaldehyde on the Histological Structure of Pancreas in Rabbits


Formaldehyde is an important chemical agent which is widely used in medical fields and industries; but it has been associated with excess risk of cancers.The present experimental study was designed to know the effect of formaldehyde effect on the pancreas. Therefore 24 male rabbits were randomly subdivided into 3 groups (I,II,III) and exposed to vapour of 10% formaldehyde (12 ppm) for the following periods: 2, 4 and 6 months respectively; beside 8 rabbits were exposed to vapour of distilled water as a control group. The physical observations of the exposed rabbits showed general signs of loose of appetite and aggressive behaviour. Light and electron microscopical observation of the exposed groups revealed no changes in the sections which had been examined and they have the same structures of those sections which obtained from the control group. From these findings, it can be concluded that formaldehyde has no effect on the pancreas. Key words: formaldehyde; Pancreas; rabbits.