Assessment of Pancreatic Beta-Cell Function and the Ovarian Function in A sample of Type 1 Iraqi Diabetic Women


Objective: The study was designed to correlate the residual beta cell secretary capacity with the ovarian function in Iraqi diabetic women.Setting: Department of physiology, Medical College of Al-Mustansiriyah University in cooperation with the Iraqi National Diabetes Center (NDC) of Al- Mustansiriyah University in Baghdad from November 2004 till November 2005.Outcomes measures: Residual Beta cell function was estimated by measuring C-peptide level by radioimmunoassay technique while ovarian function was estimated by measuring serum levels of FSH, LH, Progesterone and Estrogen using enzymatic Link Fluorescent assay technique.Results: Data showed that the C-peptide level in type 1 diabetic subjects was significantly lower than the control subjects (p <0.0001).C-peptide was significantly correlated to glycemic control expressed by HbA1c while it was not significantly correlated with fasting plasma glucose.Also C-peptide showed no significant correlation with the, FSH, LH, progesterone, and estradiol levels in diabetic subjects and the healthy control group.Conclusions: The present data reflects the deleterious effect of beta cell secretary capacity dysfunction on hyperglycemia and emphasizes that this decrease in beta cell capacity had no effect on ovarian function except for Progesterone.Keywords: C-peptide, FSH, LH, progesterone, estradiol.