A comparative study for some functional Variables before and after physical effort for handball players according to their playing positions.


Handball event, as other team events, is characterized by a variety of variables, which it requires. some of these variables are basic while other variables are complimentary. This distinction of variables led that the studies considered them separately expounding their effects either by comparison, analysis or through training programs. The effects of these variables are interrelated and are reflected in the level of performance among players. Thus the importance of this study emerged as a requirement to study all these variables and attempting to expound their results.The study problem is defined by the lack of consideration and focus on various playing positions through training sessions or preparation periods or there is a shortage in this field. This led to study these positions from the functional, physical, and skill variables point of view . The study aimed at achieving the following: 1-Expounding the differences in some functional variables among handball players according to their positions . The theoretical framework included the functional variables, physical components, basic skills and various players’ positions in handball in addition to the previous literature concerning the subject. The descriptive method was used because it is appropriate to the current study. The study was conducted on a sample of 20 advanced players deliberately selected from the Northern region form the premium teams tournament for the 2005/2006 playing season. The researcher conducted two pilot studies. The first was carried out in January 23rd 2006 on a sample of four players for the purpose of control for all the variables in the study. The average mean, standard deviationt, analysis of variance and the least significant difference L.S.D were used as statistical methods.The results concluded were as following 1- vital capacity, can be considered important and necessary indicators for evaluating the state of the individual player and the team in functional adaptations, thus preparing a program based on this adaptation. 2-The position of the wing player was the first in order concerning the vital capacity followed by the position of outside player.The researcher recommended the following. 1-Depending upon all functional variables in evaluating the training conditions of the players for the individual player and the team. 2- Emphasizing that handball couches to pay ther attention in various playing positions each according to the nature of its performance.3-It is necessary to adopt a group of tests and measurements for functional a, physical and skill variables for handball players