Impact of Organizational Culture in adopting the Environmental Management System: A practical Study in the State Company for Glass and Ceramic Industry


This Reserch aim to a diagnostic impact of organizational culture in adopting the environmental management system ISO 14001 in the Iraqi environment. through the application in the state company for glass and ceramic Industry. Which is of the important industrial Iraqi organization. This Reserch identified a problem at number of questions including: what is the level of the research company in understanding and application that organizational culture dimensions. standards of the environmental management system. and what is the effect nature of organizational culture in adopting EMS. In order to achieve the above objective of Reserch and answer the questions about the problem and hypothesis . this Reserch applied of the population contents of (51) persons. if were identified of according to comprehensive survey method.The based on questionnaire as main tool for collect data and information. The data processed using statistical tools such as: mean . standard deviation . and regression analysis. An executed the thesis results by using computer statistical program (SPSS) were shows that exit of significant impact to organizational culture in adopting the EMS