A Novel Technique for Hiding Text and Image in Color Image


Abstract:The growing possibilities of modern communications need the special means of security especially oncomputer network. The network security is becoming more important as the number of data being exchangedon the Internet increases. Therefore, the confidentiality and data integrity are requires to protect againstunauthorized access and use. This has resulted in an explosive growth of the field of information hiding.In this paper, a hiding technique by using modified third-least-significant-bit (LSB3) substitution to hidetext and binary image in color image is proposed (text in the red color space and binary image in the greenspace of color cover image). Typically LSB method is used least-significant-bit-plane (LSB 1) but here weused LSB 3 plane to increase the robustness. The protection of the text and image can be greatly improvedwith use of stego-key which has been used to permute the text characters and binary image bits beforeembedding them. Experimental results show that the stego-image is visually indistinguishable from theoriginal cover-image. Therefore, we can embed two different secret messages in one color cover imagesuccessfully.