Amniotic Fluid Index as a Predictor of Perinatal Outcome in Patients with Prolonged Pregnancy


Objective: To determine whether detection of amniotic fluid index is clinically useful in the prediction of perinatal outcome in prolonged pregnancy.Methods: Fifty pregnant women with prolonged pregnancies were subjected for ultrasonic assessment of amniotic fluid index and evaluation of perinatal outcome. The newborn babies were assessed for Apgar score, birth weight, meconium aspiration, intervention in labour for fetal distress, perinatal death, and admission to the neonatal care unit.Results: Prolonged pregnancy with amniotic fluid index < 5 cm was significantly associated with meconium aspiration and caesarean section for fetal distress in labour with a P value of 0.009 and 0.030 respectively. Conclusion: Amniotic fluid index can be considered as a useful technique for fetal surveillance in prolonged pregnancy. Key words: Prolonged pregnancy, Amniotic fluid index, Perinatal outcome